Beware the Ides of Change!

Accepting change, tolerating confrontation, and looking ahead to the future are all stressful and therefore extremely hazardous to your health!

As your qualified LD (Leadership Doctor), I prescribe a potent dose of willful ignorance several times daily using the methods described below.

3 Ways to Utilize Willful Ignorance

1. Resist Change

Change is responsible for discomfort, anxiety, pain, and even death. In short, change is very bad for you. Some say it is inevitable, but they are merely not very good at resisting. You need to keep your avoidance up, for one small slip into change and your company will be at great risk!

To build up your immunity to change, I highly recommend exercising the same thought patterns for the rest of your career. This includes maintaining your current strategy for creating products, marketing, selling, and finding new business.

2. Avoid Confrontation

Elude anything that could potentially be blunt or harmful or painful. Good leaders know how to preserve their energy by shying from confrontation, since almost anything will fade away if you wait long enough. I urge you to avoid confrontation with all of your being, as this will shield you from getting an infection caused by disagreement. You cannot easily shrug off the discomfort of disagreements, and they will likely keep you up at night.

To prevent a confrontation infection, you must close your eyes and walk away from any interactions that could prove disagreeable. The issues will eventually stop mattering when the other party gives up.

3. Cling to the Past

Going through life in the driver’s seat is scary, and fear raises your blood pressure! It forces you to face many frightening bacteria — and many of them are headed right for you. Instead, ride through life in the rear-facing back seat of a station wagon. By looking rearward from the safe back seat of life, you are blissfully unaware of unknown germ-ridden obstacles that would normally cause you to panic in fear. Fight the temptation to be afraid of the obstacles in your path by not allowing yourself to see that any exist up ahead. One added bonus of this method is that no one can sneak up behind you this way — you’ll see them every time.

Keep your blood pressure at a safe level by constantly looking back at your tracks. It will be much harder for the bacterial fear of the future infect you while you cling to the comfortable past.

W. Albert Jameson, IV, LD

On the other hand…
Side effects of willful ignorance of the future and resisting the need to change include numbness, frequent lack of purpose and direction, inability to adapt to reality, and motion sickness. Instead, embrace change, tackle confrontation head-on, and plan for your future! Change is as awesome as you make it.