Why I’m Not Buying a Tesla

I am entirely smitten with the Tesla Model S, the revolutionary electric car. I’ve always had a fiery passion for vehicles, and I’m undeniably excited about owning an excellent specimen one day.


But I’m not going to buy a Model S.

I’ve memorized the vehicle details and specifications. I’m quite familiar with the model lines and options offered.

I went to a Tesla showroom and drooled over one with my wife and newborn. I touched the handles to make them pop out of the door. I browsed all of the menus available through the extravagant touch-screen display. I examined a naked chassis on display and gawked over its design.

Did you know you the Model S seats seven people?

You can add two rear-facing seats for children. Amazing stuff! Now you can have five children and not own a minivan. Imagine transporting the entire family in a sports car!

I’ve researched Elon Musk, the founder and entrepreneur behind Tesla Motors. I’ve watched the documentaries about him and Tesla Motors.

Heck, I’ve even selected vehicle options on the website and received a quote for my dream Model S. (It has nearly every option available and costs roughly $129,000.)

So after hearing me share my passionate enthusiasm for the Tesla Model S, my coworker asked if I am going to go out and buy a brand new one now.

Well, no.

No, no, and a dozen times NO!

Why not? I’m obviously pumped up about it! Even wife likes it.

Several reasons.

First, we choose not to afford a Model S right now.

I say “choose” because by culture’s standards, we could possibly “afford” to make monthly payments. But really, a car payment would murder our monthly budget. More importantly, there are many other ways I prefer to use money right now, such as retirement and saving up money for our business.

Second, our values take us far away from debt of any kind.

We worked hard to pay off every cent of loans, and I have no desire to go back into debt. Plus, we enjoy the anticipation of buying a snazzy car one day… in cash! How great would that be — a phenomenal car without any payments? (I hear cars drive better when you’re not dragging around a car note.)

Third, it’s not part of the plan.

I refuse to let desires dictate priorities. I realize this is absurdly counter-cultural, but it is an exercise in intentional self-discipline Team Ralon practices daily. As a hero says, “Children do what feels good. Adults devise a plan and follow it.”

I’m still a car nut. A gearhead. I still breathe horsepower and live for curvy mountain roads. And I’ll still own one of the cars I’ve dreamed of one day.

Just not yet.

What is one of your defining personal values? Perhaps family, honesty, gaining wealth, or fulfilling work? Please share.

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  • Mike

    I have a couple of friends who bought Tesla stock early and with profits bought their S model. No payments.. Just forward thinking, guts and good timing. Always ride the front of the wave. Great news with the battery factory going in Nevada. Motorcycles and hybrid bicycles will next.

    • I absolutely cannot wait for this tech to hit motorcycles. I dream of it.