Receive the Gift I: Carrot Cake

We all know we’re supposed to give gifts and be generous. But it’s just as important to receive gifts well.

This week wife and I went to a restaurant we enjoy. We decided to bring Macy along and have a “Team Ralon Adventure!” I mean, why not?


I held Macy in my arms as we followed the host to our table. A manager was carrying a tray of drinks nearby when we heard the loud crash of glass shattering and suddenly my ankle was wet.

While still holding the tray, the manager touched my arm and asked in a serious tone if I was okay.

She was very distracted, staring at cute little Macy, while one of the drinks fell off her tray and broke near my feet.

I replied we were absolutely fine and asked her if she was alright. She was embarrassed and very concerned we would be upset with our restaurant experience. I assured her we were doing great and we went to our table.

(Honestly, we collect random experiences like this. It all makes for good stories.)

The manager came to our table to ask if there was anything she could do for us. Maybe give us a free dessert or take something off of our bill for the night. She was insistent!

I responded, “No need, because no harm was done! We’re having a great time. Thank you though.”

Then our waiter came and did his best to convince us to have a dessert on the house. He told us how bad she felt and how good the carrot cake is. By this time, I realized we needed to give this poor lady a break!

We didn’t feel wronged, nor did we feel entitled to a dessert. But this woman felt horrible and wanted to do something nice for us.

So we took her up on it and went home with some amazing carrot cake.

It’s weird how accepting a gift is just as important as giving one.

When we deny a gift, we block the giver from experiencing the joy she would have felt by giving it.

We made sure to stop by and thank the manager for the dessert on our way out. Wife and I could instantly see the relief on her face.

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Have you ever turned down a gift? Or, have you ever had someone refuse your gift? Share how it made you feel.