Weekly Reports

If only there were some way to defend against disrespect and distance among team members… Maybe some method of improving communication…

Though many don’t see the point of writing weekly reports, it is wise to make them for the sake of your team.

When team members don’t communicate regularly, distance wedges itself into your organization. With distance comes disrespect for other team members. The left hand thinks the right hand is lazy and stupid because they never see each other working hard. In fact, they may never see each other at all!

Give intentional, open, regular communication to strengthen your team.

One such example is a weekly report.

What is a Weekly Report?

It simply list your accomplishments and projects. Share your challenges as well as victories.

Give credit to those who helped on each accomplishment. Speak plainly and candidly.

This activity doesn’t require a certain office or title. It can be done regardless of your position in a company.

Why Should I Make Them?

They evoke respect and minimize distance among team members. Send the reports to those above, beside, and below you in your group.

It will help others respect you and what you are trying to do. It will remind you that your team members have their own challenges, whether you realize them or not.

When clear communication is absent, gossip and disrespect rush in to fill the vacuum. Communication breeds respect. Gossip destroys it.

What Else Should I Include?

After several weeks, once you feel comfortable, consider sharing highs and lows from your personal life.

What If No One Else Makes Them?

Do it anyway. Even if no one responds for a long time. Worst case, they’re great at keeping you accountable for your time and tasks.


Weekly Reports work toward building a team, not just a group of employees who tolerate each other. They help create a safe place to be honest and share information.

Try writing and distributing Weekly Reports to your team. How did it go?