Think Well of Your Spouse!

I hate when a husband and wife bring obstacles between them. When the enemy is inside the home, there is no peace.

It’s sad to see people succumbing to the temptation of pride over the desire for union and vulnerability.

And why is that so sad? Even if you win, you lose every time.

It is all too often we encounter negative comments about spouses. It’s disheartening how rare it is to hear someone speak well of his or her spouse. Do you not realize how much better marriage could be?

My wife is my teammate, and I wouldn’t want it any other way. Our marriage is a union. We share nearly everything, including good and bad times.

Often I hear men say, “We did X, but I always wanted to do Y instead.” Wife and I have discussed that scenario many times and decided to never talk that way.

We can have reservations and disagreements about something, but when we do decide on it, that decision becomes both of our personal decisions, too. We make the decision together, and there is no “I never really wanted to….” because that is the talk of someone holding back in marriage.

My wife is my best supporter. She encourages me when I struggle through with my weaknesses. She appreciates my strengths. She respects me, and respect is HUGE to men. (Ladies, take note of this! One of the worst things you can do for your marriage is disrespect your man, especially in public. Find a good way and time and place to bring up constructive criticism, but always avoid doing it in front of others.)

You’ll never hear me make typical jokes about my wife. When people make jokes like that, I always think, “That’s nothing like my wife — I married a different version than you did!”

Your wife should never be the butt of the joke for the sake of entertaining others. Enough trying to win favor from those around you. At the end of the day, the only person you absolutely need to get along with is your wife.

Enough of this crap. Take your thoughts and words and actions captive, and start actively treating your spouse like the person you need him or her to become. The reward will greatly benefit your spouse, as well as yourself!

Why is it so tempting to pick on your spouse?