Fail Better

We’ve all heard of Thomas Edison fail thousands of times to find the correct element that would give off light. This is a flagship story about trying again and again.

Yet trying harder and more often is a pointless goal if you and your process never improve!

The point is to overcome failure by learning and adapting from each experience.

Practice makes perfect, but only if you’re getting better over time.

Yes, to have many successes, you need to be willing to fail often. But that’s not enough — you need to get better at it! Plenty of people miss the mark often, but that alone never made anyone successful. Success and growth are much more dependent on how you deal with failure than how many times you fail.

Do you get frustrated by a failure and throw in the towel?

Do you repeat your process exactly and find yourself in the same hole you just left?

Or do you bounce back quickly by examining what went wrong, so you can attack the same problem from a better perspective?

The most resilient and most successful people are those who have not only failed often, but those who have failed well.

Success depends on mindset and perspective. Revise those two, and you will find yourself able to learn and adapt each time. Work on a positive attitude so you can bounce back quickly and see each one as an opportunity to improve your process.

Do you deal with failure well? How can you fail better? Be specific!