The Smartest Guy in the Room

Want to make yourself the smartest guy in the room? Even if you’re not that awesome of a leader normally?

Just find the weakest, dumbest people around and hire them to work in the positions nearest you…

…and voila — suddenly you’re a genius! Not that you weren’t already a genius, of course.

Luckily, the employees I hired for their weakness and stupidity were also the first people I interviewed. (That was incredibly efficient of me — a trademark of a good leader! How convenient.)

How Does This Work?

Just a minute — how does this strategy make you seem like the smartest guy and the most excellent leader?

I’m so glad I asked.

1. You are the Smartest by Comparison

Start by hiring the dumbest employees you can. With a bunch of dimwits all around, even a flashlight with dead batteries seems bright! Use comparison to your advantage, and your awesomeness will stand out more.

2. Employees Defer to You

How could anyone speak up against you when they’re weak-willed, insecure, and slow? How could your underlings do anything but agree with you and defer to your amazing wisdom?

It’s great to have a handful of infeariors as minions who support your every decision. Every idea is a great one, because they aren’t going to come up with anything better. It’s like I’m playing the computer game Lemmings all over again!

3. No Competition

You will have no trouble defending your title. No one will challenge your throne, or annoy you with competition. Even if one of your feeble-minded underlings did attempt to usurp your power, you will be able to squash him easily. And if you’re too busy to have all that fun by yourself, you could always just write them up and send them to HR!

This last point should be a big relief for all of you leaders who are just a bit insecure. To clarify, I’m definitely not, but I’m sure some of you might struggle with insecurity.

Now go surround yourself with the dimmest bulbs you can find so your light seems blinding!

Comparatively the Smartest,
W. Albert Jameson, IV

On the other hand…
What if you hired the most passionate, brightest, and skilled team members you can, and empowered them to pull your company forward. In turn, they would challenge your leadership, pulling the best out of you as you try to keep up. Why not be the dumbest man in the room and be proud of it? Consider the big picture.

Albert’s strategy will leave you stuck with people who cannot take the company forward. Is it worth it?

Why is it so hard to hire people smarter than you? What are the benefits?