Are You an Inferior or a Superior?

Let’s take a quick quiz to find out if you are an inferior.

  • Do you ever get petrified of upsetting others, to the point you’ll sneak around and walk on eggshells for years and never ask for a raise?
  • Do you often cower and talk softly, with your shoulders slumped?
  • Do you find yourself wishing you could say what you are thinking at work?

This blog is for those who lord over those inferiors who answered yes!

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, you are surely an infearior.

No, it’s not spelled wrong — but I applaud your gall bordering on defiance. It’s an Albertism I coined myself!

If you answered yes, you should just go away now. I would tell you to go prepare your résumé in hopes you’ll get a new job, but let’s face it. You’re not making any progress in life, so why keep trying?

Back to the topic. According to the first search result, an inferior is “lower than another in rank, status, or ability.” (Source: Internet)

Hmmm. That’s not nearly strong enough of a definition for how I use it… So I had to take it one step further.

Thus, an infearior is an inferior completely overwhelmed by worry, self-doubt, insecurity, and fear. And what are my infeariors afraid of?

Superiors like us, of course.

But whatever infeariors are, though, I’m glad they exist — so I can be superior in comparison!

W. Albert Jameson, IV

On the other hand…
It takes time and energy and patience to create an environment where your team members feel safe to grow and be themselves. When team members feel comfortable while being pulled and challenged, they will produce the best.

Are your team members anxious around you? What are the long term results of creating an insecure team?