The Quickest Way to Get a Raise

Be intentional with your money and put every last dollar to work

No matter your current situation, you can get a raise. It’s not a trendy new concept. It’s not even hard. It’s a matter of financial discipline.


Be forewarned, though. It requires following two simple (but not necessarily easy) steps.

1. Write down a zero-based budget every month.

It doesn’t have to be fancy. Pen and paper are just as perfect as anything else. Just make sure all of your income minus all of your expenses and goals adds up to zero.

2. Stick to it.

Week after week, remember your long-term goals to help you avoid vending machines, restaurants, and shopping. This is a war won with a thousand tiny yet manageable battles. You can do this.

That’s it.

With all of your money working hard to accomplish your goals, this is definitely the quickest way to feel like you got a raise.

Have you gotten a raise yet?