That’s Not My Lesson

I’ve been trying to improve my lack of production lately. This involves waking up early and pushing myself to meet goals within pre-determined deadlines. And in my fervor, I tried to recruit wife to the same mission.

She was less than enthusiastic about the idea. Hmm.

We discussed it to figure out why. Eventually, we uncovered the reason.

“That’s not my lesson” was the summary of her response to my efforts.

After a few moments to digest what she said, I had to agree. Wife tends to overdue tasks and run herself into the ground exhausted, while I tend to lack discipline and focus.

Knowing this, it would be foolish to assume the lessons I’m learning apply directly to her!

This ties into the last post, when we discussed how important it is to be able to tell the difference between someone’s opinion and wise counsel.

But how?

Discernment is key, as are knowing and understanding your God-given shape and purpose.

Without discernment, we would either read into lessons never meant for us, or be ignorant of wise counsel which would help us tremendously.

In a comment, name one lesson that does NOT apply to you.