Status Quo and the Resistors

Isn’t it interesting how some people try to make everyone else just like them? And how they challenge anything which doesn’t fit with their mindset?

They seem bent on keeping the status quo at all costs. They don’t like change, and they will resist anything different or otherwise uncomfortable.


Let’s call them resistors.

Resistors are quite annoying, honestly.

You are enjoying a delicious sandwich when one of them sees it has a tomato. “How can you even eat tomatoes? I can’t stand them.”

Man, I was really hoping someone would interrupt my lunch to say that.

Resisting seems related to insecurity and the need to feel better about their own decisions. Thus, resistors try to influence others to do what makes them feel more comfortable and reaffirmed.

Usually, it means trampling all over your preferences and experiences.

It just feels like they are trying to rob others of what they enjoy. It comes across like envy, pulling others down to the bottom where they are.

“Long live the status quo!” they chant in sobering unison.

Those of us moving forward let out a sigh, then carry on.

In what ways do you resist change? Are you defending the status quo? Is it worth defending?