Homeostasis, or the Defense of Familiarity

Both ends of the pride spectrum have their defenders of the faith — the resistors.

What are they defending? Homeostasis — tradition and familiarity.


“Why you do it this way?” you ask. “We’ve always done it like that,” is the reply from the resistors.

This isn’t an answer — it’s just an excuse.

Really, though, resistors defend what they know and what they themselves do — the things they need to feel comfortable doing. They defend them at all costs.

It’s as if change threatens their very being or foundation. By preventing change, their boat won’t be rocked.

Even women who are rescued and freed from physically abusive relationships will go right back to the troubled partner. It’s incredibly sad, but it’s what they know.

Is it due to fear of change? Loss aversion? Maybe clinging to familiarity?

No idea. But pride is definitely involved.

Do you defending what is most familiar to you? Are you afraid of being pushed out of your comfort zone?