Save Money Over Time

When purchasing, it is vital to save money by finding the best deal. (More on saving another time.) Put your time and effort into protecting every dollar you have.

People forget money is finite! Money is scarce. It obviously does not grow on trees. It’s not like you can just make more later.

Thus, finding the lowest price is the highest priority. It requires time and effort, which are much less valuable than money. As if anyone could ever put a price on money!

God bless you if you try to delegate something as important as purchasing to another… you will just end up wasting two peoples’ time — once you have to do it yourself — and much more importantly, your company’s priceless money when they foolishly overspend.

As a leader, be prepared to spend hours dredging the gutters of the internet for the lowest prices. These days, though, you can’t always trust the lowest printed price to be the lowest, because coupon codes can drive it even lower. Soon you will become very adept at looking for coupon codes anytime you purchase online.

Always check for a coupon code!

Your time as a leader is best spent saving the company money. What better example is there? Other tasks can be delegated, but not this.

You could pay someone else to come up with the mission statement and core values of the company, but how will you pay them if you lavishly spend several wasteful dollars here and there?

Be fully aware that your time and effort are worth a few pennies…

W. Albert Jameson, IV

PS – Another reason to get the best deals on purchases is so you can spend more money on important items later. For example, you could use up the annual budget on a line of HDTVs in the office hallway, or maybe a company jet. With a coupon code, of course.

On the other hand…
Leaders should spend the majority of their time sculpting vision and direction for the company. That is their greatest use — leading!

Beside that, time is infinitely more valuable than money. If you are determined to save a buck, is it worth the price of your time — not to mention hassle?

Why is it so tempting to prioritize money over time?

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  • So true. I’ve always been taught that the cheapest solution is the best. Spend as little money now as possible, even if that means that you just have to re-spend it in a year when your cheap expenditure breaks. I’ve been told “buy nice or buy twice,” but I think the more appropriate adage should be “spend less money or you’ll go broke.”