Ripples (You Get Back What You Send Out)

My friend tells me he is hesitant to take a new career opportunity because of the wonderful people he knows at his current workplace.


While the argument makes perfect sense to me, I have a hard time believing there are only good, enjoyable people at his office.

Another explanation seems much more likely: People return the feelings you express.

Imagine ripples emanating outward from the wake of a boat.

Let’s start with positive feelings.

A smile returns a smile. One “Good morning” deserves another. If you genuinely care for others, they are much more likely to respond well to you.

And likewise, the opposite is true about the ripples of negative feelings.

One biting comment in a meeting incites a slew of them. A critical comment to a customer service representative prompts short answers and unhelpfulness. Never ask anyone about their day, and they are likely to avoid asking you.

Back to my friend.

He is loving, caring, and genuinely interested in people. He grows deep relationships with others — much more than discussing the weather every day.

Doesn’t they make sense that they are caring and loving back?

The ripples we send out will only come back to us later. There is no avoiding it.

What feelings are you expressing to those around you? What feelings do you get back?