Random Tasks

Do you ever feel like you’re supposed to do random tasks? Tasks you wouldn’t normally do and which don’t really make any sense?

I seem to get random urges here and there. Not immature desires — something more meaningful. (I’ve had the immature desires plenty of times — this is completely different!)


Often it’s the desire to email or call a friend out of the blue. Sometimes it’s to write a post on this blog I’m don’t want to write. Occasionally it’s to be extremely vulnerable in front of an “unsafe” person.

Or, something I would have a very hard time explaining to anyone else.

Other examples:
Paying for the meal of the person in line behind you. Sending someone a hand-written card. Praying for an old friend randomly.

Do you ever get strange urges like this?

I like to imagine we’re watering seeds with these random tasks. There is life hidden beneath the ground, and these deeds water seeds underground, previously planted by God.

I’ll never understand it. It just seems like we have very little to do with the whole thing. We just need to obey the simple task when we feel led to.

When we don’t get to see the results of our task, the large majority of the time, we have to trust it is meaningful and timely to someone who needs to be watered.

But once in a blue moon, only if we follow through, we might get a glimpse of the reason why we had the random urge.

And when we do get to see what happens afterward, it suddenly makes perfect sense.

Tell about a recent desire to do a random task. Did you follow through?

  • Lannea

    I like to think that those urges are the Holy Spirit guiding us to do something for someone else.