Growth Trumps Where You Are Right Now

Don't talk to me about your achievements

I don’t care at all where you are in life right now. I’m much more concerned with where you used to be. And much more importantly, where you are going.


You could be on top of the world and successful by any measure. You could have money in the bank, a great career, a great wife, and bulging muscles.

But if you’re not growing, you have a huge problem.

One guy I know shouldn’t be my friend. He’s too rough around the edges. He’s made too many poor decisions in the past. He swears and smokes and does not have his life together. Our social circles barely intersect.

But you know what unites us as friends?

Every time I connect with him, he has made measurable forward progress since the last time. He is making better decisions, getting closer with his wife, and figuring out his career. It blows me away how much changes between our talks.

He is growing. And growth trumps where you are right now.

Don’t tell me about your fancy job, big house, new car, or any other achievements. Also, don’t whine about everything going wrong for you. Your trajectory matters much more than your current location on the map.

Progress trumps position.

Tell me how far you’ve come. Tell me where you’re going. Show me your growth.

Name one way you are growing. Be specific or don’t even bother!