Freedom Versus Security

Every time I read anything by Dan Miller, I get inspired and excited about working for myself.

Ten seconds after I get excited, I have a miniature heart attack as fear and resistance sets in. I worry about not having a regular paycheck and benefits.


And then I remember we’ve already been unemployed for an 18 month stretch — on purpose!

Guess what happened? We didn’t die. Our teeth didn’t fall out. Not having benefits didn’t hurt near as bad as you might imagine. Our lack of security freed us up for powerful experiences and extreme growth.

It’s just hard to get to the point where you can shun security and embrace the freedom of working for yourself.

It all boils down to the trade-off between security and freedom.

There’s nothing wrong with getting salary or hourly pay. It means a bunch of security.

But what if you’re itching to be your own boss? What if you have a company you would love to get started? What if you realize you could be making more money doing something you love?

To follow through on those possibilities, you will need to sacrifice security. No more guaranteed hourly rate. No more biweekly paycheck. No more pre-packaged benefits or paid holidays.

Yet at the same time, you gain freedom.

Freedom to work the hours you decide. Freedom to work with clients you choose. Freedom to do the tasks you enjoy.

And freedom to make more money than you would ever earn in a lifetime at your typical job.

It can be done.

You can find your own reasonably-priced health-care. You can save up three to six months as an emergency fund. You can get long-term disability insurance.

And you can achieve unlimited income based purely on how hard you work.

It’s all easier than it has ever been.

None of this will convince you unless you are dissatisfied with security and itching for adventure. None of this matters until your desire for freedom trumps your dependence on security.

I don’t know your life experiences, and I won’t mock anyone’s desire for security.

But this message is for all who are yearning for freedom, those who are beginning to despise security, and those who are ready to be uncomfortable for the sake of pursuing powerful goals.

Freedom awaits.

What does freedom look like to you?