Contentment and Proactivity

[This piece is brought to you by my inner monologue.]

God is working so much in our lives recently — specifically by teaching wife and me a balanced combination of contentment and proactivity.

Sound a bit contradictory?

Well, not really.

Contentment is what we keep coming back to regarding lifestyle and overhead.

Our lifestyle is simple and our overhead is low. We continue to feel God calling us to live as such. We thought about moving to a bigger apartment since we’re expanding the team…

But in the end, the peace of contentment won us over and we breathed deeply in relief.

We are staying for now.

Yet at the same time, we have both felt a need to be very proactive and intentional with our time, money, energy, activities, relationships, and even hassle. All of the resources we manage.

We are using productivity tools (Nozbe, Trello, Toggl) combined with calendars and alarms to keep us focused on the tasks at hand. To alert us of the most important things so they don’t get lost in the noise. To reign us in from busyness and work for work’s sake.

We are hussling for Team Ralon‘s sake as well as for personal growth.

It’s in the middle of things you don’t feel like you’re making traction. There is no sense of satisfaction, because you have little to measure your attempts at contentment and productivity against.

No matter.

Slow and steady.

What are you learning recently?