You are a Writer

What happens when you tell yourself something every day

After reading You are a Writer by Jeff Goins, I decided to do the exercise he recommends. All you have to do is get a pen and paper (no screens or keyboards allowed!) and write these words: “I am a writer.”


You know what? It’s working. But perhaps not for the reason you might think.

I feel like a liar immediately after writing down the statement. How can I be a writer when I am not writing at least a little bit every day?

Since I’m determined to be honest, one of two things must happen to resolve this situation:

  1. I need to start writing more consistently so the statement will reflect the truth.
  2. Or, I need to stop writing the statement!

Sheer determination is enough for me to keep writing the simple words “I am a writer” every day. Thus, I’m forcing myself to confront option #1 head-on. I need to write because I refuse to be a liar.

This is just one simple way the body can be tricked into doing what the brain is rehearsing. Fantastic stuff, really. Another use tool for tricking yourself.

“I am a writer” is the latest exercise I’ve found in autosuggestion, a topic which deserves more discussion another time. Feel free to read up on it and get your snickering out of the way now so you can appreciate it thoroughly later.

Does it sound silly? Take a moment and imagine the faces of everyone you know who calls himself a loser — and has fulfilled his own prophecy.

Simple repetitive exercises like this are changing my life daily. You can either watch from the sidelines or jump in and see for yourself.

If you tell yourself something often enough, is it more likely to be true? What is your experience?