Why I Interrupt

What you want to say is more important than what the other guy is blabbering on about — he just doesn’t know it yet. At least, until you do him a favor and interrupt so you may bless him with your wisdom!

I am so thankful I understand how much more important I am than other people. (Three I’s in that sentence? Not bad…) This knowledge allows me to decide at will what should be happening at any given time.

For example, when I am having a discussion with newer underlings, they will try to reply and get in a few words. They do this all too often until they have been here a few years and know better.

Realizing my innate importance allows me to take control at any moment and interrupt others. Not just mid-thought, but mid-sentence. I have some wisdom to share, and they need to know it.

When I’m feeling especially important, I interrupt mid-word!

I consider this a service to my underlings. I am teaching them the valuable life lesson that they are not very important.

Another example is how I will answer almost any call, even if the phone rings in the middle of a meeting. This helps to drive home my point to the underlings, as they have to postpone the conversation until I finish my personal discussion in front of everyone.

In another post, I will teach you a more advanced technique of interruption. I’d tell you now, but I’ve lost interest in continuing this discussion.

W. Albert Jameson, IV

On the other hand…
If you mean to devalue someone talking to you, by all means, interrupt him. Soon, though, he will stop trying to talk to you. He will stop giving input and nod and hurry the dialogue (read: monologue) so he can move along.

Instead, realize you hurt yourself when you interrupt others. Value your team members by letting them finish their thoughts. Each one is blessed with his own perspective on a topic, and collecting those perspectives gives you insight as a leader, gives them reassurance that they are valuable, and strengthens the relationship. All that, and you might just be surprised by the fresh wisdom a team member has to offer.

Why are we tempted to interrupt others so much?