What Slackers Don’t Know

By the term slackers, I’m referring to those of us who coast through life as a wandering generality. Things happen to them, not the other way around. They flock to the path of least resistance and dodge responsibility — not to mention any obstacles whatsoever.

Part of me wants to be upset and bitter at these slackers. But I can’t.

Instead, these are the very people I feel sorry for. They don’t understand one bit of what they’re missing.

Slackers are content — no, thrilled — to cheat the system. Come late and leave early. Exploit the process. Take advantage of all of the benefits without putting in all the effort. Cut corners whenever possible.

And slackers choose all that over something much better…

The satisfaction of a challenge overcome. A burden lifted. A responsibility fulfilled. Wages earned honestly. The wonderful feeling of serving someone wholeheartedly. Work as worship.

A good day’s work.

There’s nothing that can replace it! I wouldn’t trade that feeling for the world.

Did you do a good day’s work today? Why or why not? How does it feel?

  • What’s fascinating is the thin line between a slacker’s cheating the system and a determined/intentional person deciding that the system is stupid and ignoring/trying to change it

    • I was pondering that recently. What’s the difference between a lazy, spell-out-exactly-what-I-have-to do corner-cutting employee vs. an extremely efficient, not-doing-that-because-it-is-a-waste-of-time, get-to-the-point-already team member?

      Even though they seem similar at a glance, it seems their attitudes will reveal the difference. Hopefully it is obvious the efficient team member is putting effort and intentionality into his work!