Vanity and Selfishness

Remember the pride spectrum? We know the left-most extreme is the land of shame and self-pity. We now see this as a huge red flag indicating a big problem with pride, but with a negative spotlight.

But what about the right-most extreme? Let’s look at the other end of the pride spectrum.


The second extreme is vanity and selfishness. You end up here if you think too much (or too highly) of yourself.

Doesn’t sound so bad, does it? Let’s continue and see how you feel.

It means feeling you are better than others — like you are above them. You have a huge ego and an allergic reaction to being wrong. You are too good to hang around certain people or do things you consider below you. You trample people to get to the top, leaving a trail of bodies behind. People like to shadow your success, but they are afraid to get too close because they know you will eventually hurt them.

You refuse help from others, since you are too good for help. And how could someone below you ever help you anyway?

You thrive on your looks, your accomplishments, your possessions, your title, and being better than the next guy somehow.

The man dwelling here is so full of himself he barely even acknowledges others nearby. He takes center stage whenever possible and shoves others out of the spotlight so he can have more time in it. No matter what good story you tell, he will top it with whatever better thing he has done.

His vanity and self-absorption drive him to the peak of a mountain, farther away from people and higher into the dark clouds of emptiness and isolation.

There’s no helping the person who is too good to accept it — or doesn’t see it because he is only looking at himself.

In what ways do you struggle with vanity?