The Disciplined Pursuit of Less

Essentialism has really been challenging me. It is so difficult for me to reign in my commitments.

I am so far from what the author calls the disciplined pursuit of less.


This begs the question — how do I get there from here?

The last few days, I have felt bogged down, without a moment to stop and think. This is a bad place to be, according to the book. When we don’t make time to play and relax, stress occurs.

And I’ve been feeling stressed!

The author is challenging me to say no. In a healthy, good boundaries type of way. I just might have to miss deadlines to preserve my sanity and provide time to rest. (As I type this, I can think of two tasks overdue right now!)

The disciplined pursuit of less is the opposite of the undisciplined pursuit of more. I’ve been there — I’m there now — and I don’t like it one bit.

The goal is to do fewer things better. Or deeper. Or more actively.

My practice for today? Making this post short and sweet so I can get to bed!

What “less” would you like to pursue?