The Brag Table

You need a safe place to share things that are going well in your life. A place free from jealousy and judgment and — worst of all — envy.

You are allowed to have a great week. Or a big financial win. Or have a wonderful time on your vacation. You don’t need to be ashamed of it or be afraid of hurting someone else’s feelings.

Yet some people have a hard time when their friends are winning. They feel left out or left behind. They can’t feel happy for you because they’re too busy feeling sorry for themselves.

They’re probably hurting pretty badly, and I want to acknowledge that. But they make it worse by not enjoying your victory with you.

You are allowed to want someone to be glad for your win. To want a moment of recognition for your hard work.

Jon Acuff calls this the “Brag Table.”

The Brag Table is a safe place to share your wins. Your weight loss. Your new job. How awesome your wife is. Finally finishing that big project. Accomplishing an important goal. Or even cleaning up that pile of papers that has been bothering you for months.

You need to be able to say, “I have a few things to bring to the Brag Table.”

But beware of those who envy the success of others. They will attempt to steal and murder your joy. Envy is toxic and hateful and bad for your skin. Probably.

So quit hanging out with those people, and find a few friends you can trust to be sincerely glad for your recent win. We all need support and reinforcement for our growth.

This post is your Brag Table — right here, right now. Comment on your recent wins.