People Pleasing is Expensive!

Good luck not going broke while trying to impress others

A friend said with a smirk, “Are you going to buy a brand new car? You should. You should definitely buy a new car.” Even though she knew wife and I were looking to replace our tired old Camry with a nicer used car.


Despite knowing my bent away from debt, she was serious. She fully believes it is a good deal to buy a new car. Low payments. No miles, problems, or repairs for many months.

Andrew was not on board.

First, I disagree with how she rationalized the decision. (Note how rationalize is pronounced “rational lies.”) I later learned she was about to buy her own new car and wanted me to do the same to affirm her decision.

Second, I better realized just how expensive people pleasing is.

Cause that’s what was at stake — someone’s approval.