Practice Makes Habit

Habits are easy to act out. Too easy. Without thinking about it, you can quickly follow through on even the most difficult tasks.



Practice, of course.

But here’s the thing — you don’t practice things over and over by accident.

Not enough to make a habit.

It’s not coincidence or chance you can now do something with very little thought. (Don’t take my word for it — go read about habits for yourself!)

The only way to create a habit is to practice it, creating a new mental type of “rut” of thought patterns.

Practice isn’t an accident. It’s an active decision made over and over and over.

Until it’s nearly entirely automatic.

Which can be wonderful or terrifying.

It can be wonderful if it means you can play your instrument in time and in tune. It can be terrifying if you go willingly into a bad place — either mentally or physically — as if you were being dragged there.

Though the habit now seems to control you, you still made the initial decision.

Many times.

Don’t be a victim. Don’t say you can’t help it. Don’t try to shift blame to others or circumstances. You have already made your choice. Take personal accountability for it and own up to it.

There is absolutely no shame in it.

Be aware it will take tons of effort to change a habit you have practiced this much.

Just don’t be surprised.

But that’s no reason to lay down and give in.

What is a habit (good or bad) you are practicing?