Pounce Upon Imperfection

Berate your underlings for any imperfection. They should be perfect at everything, like you. How will anyone become better things if you don’t rub their nose in what they do wrong?!

Whether someone mispronounces a word or fails to grasp a simple concept or doesn’t catch old SNL references, never let a teachable moment slip through the cracks! This is a major life lesson I learned while living in the state of New Jersey.

Nearly everyone I met while living there was intently focused on pointing out the imperfections of others! It was incredible to see so many people discouraging weakness. It is truly amazing to think of all the bad things you need to stop doing right away so you may become perfect.

They cared enough to mock my weaknesses so I would be fully aware of what to improve. Honestly, I have never met so many considerate people in all my life!

Weaknesses are for the weak.

Likewise, strengths are for the strong. Thus, the strong have infinite strengths and are good at everything. Everyone should be strong, like us (myself included).

Often, people are unaware of their imperfections. It is your job to point out signs of weakness to others — so that they can become more perfect in those areas. The more you mock a person for his imperfections, the quicker he will learn to be perfect.

In this same spirit, I have established this website to pounce upon your imperfections. Tune in next time to learn more about what you suck at…

W. Albert Jameson, IV

On the other hand…
We can all agree that some weaknesses need work. But if you pounce upon imperfections, that breeds fear of doing the wrong thing, which is a counter-productive to being courageous to do the right thing. Your team members will be too cautious to do their jobs well.

Instead, ignore some of what your team members do poorly and praise what they do well! Good habits will naturally displace bad habits. Reward strengths and see what happens.

What is one weakness you need to ignore? What is one strength you need to reward?