No Need for Communication

Regular communication will only teach your employees to rely on it more and more. They will get lazy and stop thinking for themselves. When you spell out tasks, there’s no longer any guesswork involved. Where is the fun leadership in that?

Why should a leader not bother with communicating?

Lucky for you, I have composed a list of reasons why you should wean your employees off of regular communication. There is simply no need for it!

1. Everybody knows what to do.

I mean, how could they not already know what to do? I thought it was obvious! Either they are playing dumb, or they are truly ignorant. I am frustrated by the former — although I respect their strategy. As for the latter — if your employees don’t instinctively know what you may potentially want to do next, then this is a big red flag. It may mean they are nothing like you and don’t deserve to work under your leadership.

2. Communication drains your power.

Knowledge is power, after all — so carefully hoard your knowledge! Sharing knowledge is one way a leader unwittingly gives away his innate power as the boss. However, if you absolutely must communicate, by all means share anything but your knowledge.

3. You’re much too busy, anyway.

There is a mountain of work to be done, and you don’t have any time to explain and delegate tasks to those beneath you. The only way to get everything done right — that is, doing it yourself — is to avoid unnecessary interaction through seclusion in your office. With the door shut, naturally.

So there you have it. Withholding communication highlights ignorance, protects your power, and gives you the freedom to focus on your work. Win, win, and win.

W. Albert Jameson, IV

On the other hand…
Why employ a team of workers if you ignore them? No one can help you accomplish tasks until you express them. Communicate goals clearly and often to experience synergy facilitated by mutual trust and respect. There is too much work to be done NOT to delegate!