Making Hard Decisions Easy

We all have ridiculous, frustrating quirks. Things we do which annoy ourselves. But there is hope.

I am a firm believer we have to learn our quirks — and then trick ourselves — in order to be productive long-term.


One huge way we can trick ourselves is by making hard decisions at a time when they are easy.

Here are some examples of hard decisions made easy.

If you want to not eat so much candy, you could try to resist your urges while staring intently at a bowl of treats…

Or, you could avoid ever buying bags of candy in the store by skipping that aisle since it’s not on your list and you need to spend that money elsewhere.

If you want to give to your church, you could see if there is any money left at the end of your paycheck…

Or, you could set up automatic payments through your bank or e-giving.

If you want to avoid looking at pornography, you could battle temptation late at night and hope your discipline prevails…

Or, you could set up an ad-blocker and set up an internet filtering service when you are not tempted.

These types of decisions are the same no matter when or how they are made.

And they can be made the easy way or the hard way.

Your choice.

Certain times and circumstances make hard decisions very easy to make, so use them to your advantage!

What situations can make hard decisions easier? Name one.