The Key Lime Pie Theory

Wife and I were eager to have some dessert one evening. We retrieved the key lime pie from the freezer, only to dismay at what we found.

There was only one slice of key lime pie left. Hmmm.


Though we are normally incredibly generous to each other and usually give away our portion — *cough cough* — we eventually agreed to share what was left. We split that last piece of key lime pie right down the center.

What happened next surprised both of us.

We enjoyed half of a slice more than any big slice we have eaten before. No joke!

Great. But why?

Knowing we only had a half slice of key lime pie goodness to enjoy, Wife and I took tiny bites with our forks. We savored every morsel as if we could not have any more for a full year. We chewed slowly and deliberately, focusing our attention on the taste and texture.

It was more scarce, so we made it last longer and tasted it better than ever before. In this case, more is not better.

We enjoyed the pie more because there was less to enjoy.

Wife and I will be splitting our slices of key lime pie from now on!

I dare you to try experiencing less of a good thing and see if you don’t enjoy it more. Please comment with your thoughts on the topic.

  • Lannea

    This happened to me with Snickerdoodles. When I knew there was only 1 left, I took my time to enjoy every bite. It was delicious!

    • That’s exactly what I’m talking about. Doesn’t it make you wonder what else this theory applies to other than food?

      • Andrew.Gage

        It’s a great dieting strategy :)
        And by the way I make a killer Key Lime Pie. The original kind, not the storebought fake frozen kind ;)