Introduction to the Power of Habit

Do you ever feel like you have to give in to bad habits? It could mean losing your temper, drinking alcohol, looking at pornography, or even going to the snack machine twice a day.


And what about “giving in” to good habits? It could mean going to the gym three days a week, drinking several glasses of water each day, brushing your teeth before bed, or reading stories to your children each night.

Do our habits control us? Why is it so hard to stop a habit? Can habits change?

How are habits created, anyway?

Let’s spend some time learning about habits. They are much more powerful than most of us suspect, and they can do much harm (or good).

The good news is we are not powerless against them. Not at all.

But there are a few tricks involved, and without understanding them you will have a much harder time dealing with your habits.

My eyes are opened wide to the topic now, and I’d love to discuss what I’m learning with you. It’s all about change and growth and decisions and repetition and scripting.

Are you tired of feeling helpless? Are you eager to change a habit? Are you really in control?

Follow me.

We have so much to learn. Let’s figure it out together.

For a head start, go read The Power of Habit. It’s a phenomenal resource, and a great read.

We all have habits. What is one of yours — good or bad?