Imagine boarding a bus with no destination. Not very intentional, is it?

It will stop eventually, but you don’t know where. You just know you’ll end up… somewhere. I know we’re supposed to enjoy the journey, but shouldn’t we arrive at someplace worth going?

Every day, you are given 1440 minutes to use the best you can. You control these gifts and how they are invested. All too often, though, these valuable resources slip out of our grasp and are carried away by the wind.

How will you use your 1440 minutes today?

Will you use them worrying over the past, or even the future? Will you consume (definition: spend wastefully, squander) your time away in front of the television? Will you coast through life letting your inbox and obligations claim your time?

It’s tough to be intentional. But it’s much worse not to do what matters most.

What does it mean to be intentional?

Intentionality is passing on the things you like to prioritize the things you LOVE.

Here’s a random helping of my potential goals. I want to: learn how to weld, fly planes, speak two languages fluently, be an expert violinist, be an excellent programmer, tour with a band, build a circular house, get paid to do what I love, commute on the motorcycle, exercise regularly, live on a boat, travel the world, keep my inbox empty, start my own company, and write books.

It’s quite likely your goals conflict with each other, as do mine. How will I ever do all of these at once? Even just three — keep my inbox empty, travel the world, and write books? Right…

I want all of these things, but some are much more important than others.

And that’s why it is so important to be intentional. You must draw that line in the right place so you can accomplish ONLY what is most important to you. Focus on the best and let others do the rest.

Otherwise, you will do everything you like poorly, and nothing you love completely.

Don’t be hesitant to quit things, especially those you “like” but don’t “love.” To be intentional is to be selective and to filter harshly. Say NO to more so you can say yes and dedicate your time to what you LOVE.

And once we gain momentum accomplishing the most important things intentionally, let’s see if there’s a way to keep it up while living on a boat, travelling the world!

What goals do you need to let go so you can do what is most important?