Fleas and Fancy Salads

Wife and I were thoroughly enjoying a gourmet salad from one of our favorite food chains when I paused to reflect on the moment.


“You know, we have fleas to thank for introducing us to this salad!”

Awhile back, we came home from a trip to find our apartment infested with fleas. We quickly made other plans for the night and stayed with friends until it was resolved.

The next morning, I stopped by Chick-fil-A to pick up some breakfast, due to the extenuating circumstances. The sandwich wife wanted was not available for breakfast, so I returned with a grilled market salad.

Wife was initially disappointed, then said she trusted my judgment. (“I trust your judgment” is a powerful phrase to say to your spouse, by the way!)

Turns out, she loves the salad.

As do I.

Now, we get the salad instead of our previous standard order.

And it’s just odd to think we never would have tried something we now love if it weren’t for a big problem rearing its ugly head at an inconvenient.

It’s weird to think about, isn’t it? How we are forced to improvise and still come out better than before?

All the same — thank you, fleas!

What if you knew every problem would work out well? How would you feel about going through hard times?