Experience Today from Tomorrow’s Perspective

If you’re breathing, you’ve been through hard times. You’ve dealt with pain and frustration.

With the perspective which comes from time and maturity, you can look back at your experiences… and even appreciate them.


But what if it was possible to skip the frustration and pain, jumping straight to the appreciation of tomorrow?

First, let me validate whatever you’ve gone through. It was no picnic. It was rough and you don’t ever want to go through that again.

Yet somehow, you got past it. You moved on and lived to tell about it.

Now that months and years have passed, you can see the experience has shaped you in some beneficial way. Molded you for the better, perhaps.

Excellent! Nothing like a little perspective to improve your attitude.

Introducing my theory.

Since you know you something good will come of your hard times…

And you are eventually going to appreciate the hard times later…

And it will be another good story in the book of your life…

Why not skip to the end result right now? Why not experience today from tomorrow’s perspective, when you can appreciate your hard times more.

It’s a ridiculous idea, I know. Incredibly difficult to pull off, too.

But it just might work.

Think of a recent bad experience. Imagine how you will feel about it in five years. Does that help any?