Don’t Micromanage, Nanomanage

If you’ve ever been accused of micromanaging, you’re on the right track — but likely far behind. It’s no longer good enough to micromanage! Now you must nanomanage employees with zen-like control to fully exploit them. How else will you ever get them to produce more?!

It’s no good to micromanage employees anymore. The newest strategy has officially arrived: nano. Everything is “nano” now, from technology to iPods to USB phone chargers. Next is your management style.

That is, only if you want to be successful. And have complete control. (But I repeat myself…) Leaders must manipulate underlings through power and control to get them to produce, and workers have gotten immune to the previous levels of attention. Take it up a notch.

Instead of hounding for updates a mere five times a day, I suggest at least twenty. Create many recurring appointments in your calendar to remind you. You know you’re doing it right when you hear, “How long have you been standing there?!”

Your employees should be able to quickly rattle off the tiny snippet of information that changed since the last time you asked them twenty minutes ago.

As a rule, if employees have more than two sentences of updates since you last checked, you are slacking bigtime. Nanomanage better!

You need to be all up in their details, too. If you’re learning from me, then you probably already read everyone’s work emails. That is assumed! Next, require employees to report all passwords to you.

With some help from IT, you can even watch underlings while they work. I often connect to Henry’s computer without his knowledge. Now he doesn’t get upset at me literally breathing down his neck, thanks to technology. Yesterday, I rushed over to tell him he had a spelling error in an email he was typing.

You probably have tons of room for improvement, but you are on your way. Always remember: Control is the goal, and nanomanaging is the key… to the goal.

W. Albert Jameson, IV

PS – Comment with your favorite ways to nanomanage others. RIGHT NOW.

On the other hand…
Avoid the temptation to nanomanage, for it kills morale. Team members are more productive when they feel trusted and respected. Delegate desired results and empower them to come up with a good solution on their own.